It’s Over: Questions Loom For Dallas After Crushing End To The Season

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Jason Witten choked back tears on his way to the locker room following the team's 34-31 loss to Green Bay (Photo: Tim Roberts)

Jason Witten choked back tears on his way to the locker room following the team’s 34-31 loss to Green Bay (Photo: Tim Roberts)

FRISCO — Less than 24 hours removed from their devastating playoff exit, the Cowboys officially put an end to their season, packing up their lockers and heading home.

“Just got to deal with it and you know over time, I won’t be so upset about it, but I won’t forget,” said defensive lineman David Irving.

“It was fun, it was a great year, great teammates, great coaches,” Dak Prescott said on Monday. “The reality of it, though, we all won’t be back together. It’s kind of what that team meeting was about. It’s the business of this league.  It’s part of it, but yeah it sucks.”

And it sucks the most for veterans like Jason Witten. While Dak and Zeke are just at the very start of their promising careers, vets like Witt know there aren’t many more fights left for them.

“It’s emotional for me right now, not just for where I’m at in my career but for this team,” Witten said on Sunday night following the 34-31 loss. “Destiny waits on no man. It doesn’t and especially in this game, it’s not going to wait and they made the plays and executed, but this team, just all year under the circumstances we had to come together. There’s a lot of things to build on moving forward and I’ll always remember this 2016 football team.”

But the time is officially up for this team. And now the questions begin.

Will Witten ever get his ring? Where will Tony Romo be a few months from now? Is this just the start for Dak and Zeke, or a crushing defeat they may never get to redeem?

Questions the Boys wish they didn’t have to answer yet, but now that football is over, questions are all that’s left.