Chew on This: Pie Tap

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DALLAS – Brunch is pretty simple to find in the Metroplex, but if you're looking to tap into something different – like brunch pizza – Pie Tap in Dallas is the place to eat!

"What we tried to do with our brunch menu is you know put some creative spins on some classics that people would expect to have a brunch,” executive chef John Hrinkevich told Newsfix.

Like the smoked salmon pie.

"Lemon ricotta base, smoked salmon topped with red onion capers and dill,” Hrinkevich said. "And then garnished with a ricotta."

Chew on This: Pie Tap is serving up the mushroom pie – with caramelized onions, bacon, and of course – two sunny side up eggs!!!

Now it ain't all about pizzas at Pie Tap. There's the house-made bucatini pasta with chicken meatball, salad served on a pizza board, and the spiedini.

Spiedini in general terms means skewered,” Hrinkevich told Newsfix. "Our spiedini is a skewered piece of fontina cheese, wrapped in thin slices of prosciutto – baked in our oven until crispy."

And when you need to wash down all this deliciousness, Pie Tap has everything from roasted lemonade, to wine on tap, to bloody Marys!

So whether you're looking for brunch, dinner, or just want to get a little tipsy – Pie Tap has got you covered – across the board.