New Hampshire Dad Fired after Going to Sons Birth

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NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Expecting a child is exciting for sure!

And what's more exciting than having a baby on New Year’s Day?!

Well, that’s exactly what was happening for Lamar Austin.

The New Year started off great for this New Hampshire dad, as he and his wife welcomed their little one into the world. But that great start quickly changed.

He was fired from his job, the same day his wife gave birth.

You see, the father of four missed the births of his other three children and decided he wasn't going to miss this one.

Lamar chose his family over his brand new part-time security job and stood by his wife's side during the birth of their son.

Well, his boss was good to his word when he told Austin, if he didn't show up for his New Year’s Day shift, he'd be fired and he was.

After word got out a GoFundMe page was created for the family and Austin has received over a dozen job offers!

Looks like it'll be a rollercoaster year for Austin, all thanks to this labor of love.

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