Fort Worth Library Giving out Books to Newborns

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FORT WORTH -- The Fort Worth Public Library wants parents to read to children early.  Which is one of the main reasons why the library started a book drive called Books For Tarrant County Babies.

"We are providing approximately 5,000 books to every newborn at JPS in 2017," said Fort Worth Public Library Foundation CEO Leslie Oliver.

The book is called Read to Me, and is about adults reading and sharing with kids. "These are bi-lingual books and they come with a Fort Worth Library card so the family can start reading as soon as they get home with their newborn," said Oliver.

JPS and the Fort Worth Library have raised $20,000 in donations to fund the project. They will be relying on donations to fund books for 2018 Fort Worth babies. "We are so thrilled to be partnering with JPS on this effort because their babies are the ones that are going to be our future," said Oliver.

They started dishing out the books on day one of the new year.  Research shows when reading to newborns, they`re taking it all in. Oliver says, "They`re like sponges, so they absorb everything that comes in and goes out. They`re a blank slate so they`re craving that information."

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