You Can Donate a Kidney Through Your Belly Button!

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FORT WORTH -- Donating a kidney has now become so advanced, it's super easy on the donor -- especially if you're giving the gift of life in Fort Worth.

One tiny cut in the belly button, which leaves a hidden scar, is all it takes these days to save a life. Doctors at Medical City Fort Worth, led by Dr. Sameh Fayek, recently performed the hospital's first nephrectomy (surgical removal of a kidney) with the new procedure. The patient undergoing the single incision laparoscopic surgery, or SILS, was donating to a family member.


Dr. Sameh Fayek performing single incision laparoscopic surgery at Medical City Fort Worth.

“After the incision heals, most of it is hidden within the V-shaped area of the belly button," Dr. Fayek said. “In addition to the cosmetic appeal of this procedure, it potentially means a shorter hospital stay, less pain and a faster recovery for the organ donor, allowing them to get back to their life more quickly."

Only a handful of transplant centers in the U.S. offer the procedure; DFW is fortunate to have several in that group.

With more than 100,000 on the waiting list for a kidney in the U.S., doctors are hoping these advances will encourage more people to become organ donors.

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