Ruff Life: Bruce Takes Full Advantage of His Third Chance

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DALLAS -- Bruce's Ruff Life had nothing to do with his health and everything to do with his home.

"Bruce was actually born in the shelter," said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

The thing is, he fared just fine, at least at first.

"When Bruce was a puppy, he was adopted out, and he had a loving home," Edman said.

Then old ghosts came back to haunt him again.

"That new adopter fell on hard times and lost their home," Edman said. "Unfortunately for Bruce, he did find himself back in the shelter."

He was given two days to find a home or meet his maker, but no need to fear the reaper! Our Catahoula canine came out on top.

"We were introduced to fostering, and we thought, 'Why not, we'll take him,'" Christina Phillips said. "Then he stole our hearts."

That's right. The Phillips family failed in the best sense. They were flunkies at fostering because they decided to just keep him. It didn't hurt that this boy's got manners.

"He loves bedtime and couch time, but he's really good because he waits until we invite him up," Tanner Phillips said.

Sometimes they aren't abused or neglected. These canine companions are just casualties in a bad situation. The Phillips family is just happy to have the shot to be his third chance.

"It was so easy for us to say like, 'Give him to us!' He had a 48-hour deadline," Christina Phillips said. "No matter how a dog starts out, they can turn out to be awesome like Bruce, so that's pretty rewarding."

A third trip to the shelter? Not in the cards for Bruce.

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