Back To School! DPD Recruit Class Is the Largest Since 2014

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DALLAS -- For most folks the first day of school is a nervous and exciting time, and for those starting their first day of Dallas P.D. academy classes, it’s no different.

“It actually feels good, and I am proud of everyone whose actually in my class right now because it takes a lot to get to this point,” DPD recruit Shawn Couch said.

The Dallas police department started their latest training session with over 40 recruits. One of the largest classes in nearly the last 4 years.

Mathew Williamson with Dallas Police Department said, “I think the citizens or the people who want to be police officers are seeing how Dallas is proactive and trying to work with the community.”

This 36 week training course covers a wide variety of topics

“Dallas has one of the best academies in the country, you know you're going to be trained well,” Claire Swenson said.

Braiden Garcia, who is also a DPD Recruit told NewsFix, “In my military time I was helping overseas, and now I get to come and help people here in the community it’s huge.”

For one of the new recruits -- Wayne Gittens -- he wanted to join after a challenge from former police chief David Brown.

“After I saw the shootings and everything happening, I felt like it was my calling, with Chief Brown when he said, if you are able to work and enforce the laws come out here and join us. Thats exactly what I did,” Gittens said.

While not all the folks here joined because of the tragic events of July 7th, most of them saw the out pouring of support from the community which made the decision to join an easy one.