DFW Monopoly Neighborhood Mixed On New Game

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ARLINGTON - The days of the old Monopoly car, top hat, and shoe may soon be dog gone. The makers of Monopoly want to change the game pieces for something shinny.

A website has been set up for players to vote on more than 50 new tokens. A watch, a moped, T-rex, emojis, a Lear and plenty of shoes to try on for size.  If all else fails, you can still vote for the oldies to stay.

"Emojis are pretty popular right now so I might want to go with that,"  said Claude Foster who lives in an Arlington neighborhood with streets named the same as properties on the Monopoly board.

Or maybe they were named after streets in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Officially it's called the Park Place neighborhood.

But as far as the game pieces...

"Maybe a dog. A dog would be good. And I got the perfect dog for them too," said Foster.

Another Boardwalk neighbor says he remembers playing the game in Belgium, but a slightly different version. Jan Verrijcke  says, "It's the same thing, except the names of the streets are different."

The eight pieces that get the most votes will be launched in Monopoly`s new game version this spring.