Burgers To Go? Dallas ISD Claiming Eminent Domain to Buy Land From Businesses

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DALLAS -- Jake's Uptown Hamburgers in Lake Highlands may be forced to shut down so Dallas ISD can build a new school. The popular burger joint isn't the only business that would be affected.

The owners of more than half a dozen businesses on the southeast corner of Skillman and Walling say they received letters from the school district.  According to the letters, DISD will be using eminent domain to purchase the businesses' land for a school, and the owners say there's nothing they can do about it.

Folks at the City View Antique Mall say the news came as a shock.  The owners rented spaces for their small business for more than two decades before settling on Waller, buying the building, and renovating it.

Today, about 65 vendors sell their antiques in what they thought was a permanent location.  But soon it could be the site of a school instead.

Of course, to build the school, the district will have to buy all the land, rezone it, demolish what's there now, and deal with other factors.  For example, the fact that there's a liquor store across the street.

DISD will reportedly be holding meetings to hear complaints and determine out how all of that is supposed to work.  And those answers are important!

Just a few months ago, right down the street, it was Richardson ISD trying to build a new Lake Highlands school.

RISD demolished a vacant office park at White Rock Creek, but after pushback from parents, along with zoning and safety concerns, they gave up on the location.

Hey, whatever happens at Skillman and Waller, let's hope the Dallas district makes sure they can actually put a school up before they demolish buildings like Jake's and City View.