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Think The 5-Second Rule Can Save You? Study Says, Think Again!

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ -- For some folks, eating food off the floor is considered sweet. To others, it's just down right nasty! For the rest of the world, we live off the five second rule-- When "it's okay" to eat food that's only touched the floor for 5 seconds or less!

Well, times up, foodies!The latest study from Rutgers University in New Jersey says keeping count won't keep the germs off! Whether it's one to 300 seconds, the longer that chip lays on the ground, the more it can become contaminated with things like e-coli or staph infections!

And don't think about going overtime on the rule. Researchers claim between 10 to 30 seconds, the amount of bacteria sticking to food actually increases.

So, be safe rather than sorry: Once it hits the floor just throw it away!

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