Fly Tattoos: Air Force Trashes 25% Rule To Boost Recruiting

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Before you even think about flying with the Air Force, everything from your eyesight to your tattoos gotta fly! But there's some good news for those of you who've already got the ink and can't rethink!

The Air Force is loosening up a little and dumping their old 25% rule. The rule states no tattoos can cover more than 25% of a body part such as your chest, back, legs, or arms. They hope, getting rid of this rule will help boost recruiting.

Members will soon be allowed to have tattoos cover much of their body. Don't get too ink-happy because tats on the head, face, neck, and hands still don't fly! Unless you are rocking a ring tattoo (for obvious reasons).

The new rule goes into effect February 1st.