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Take a Ride on the ‘Journey to Mars’ Bus at Perot Museum!

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DALLAS -- The wild ride on the magic school bus is NOTHING compared to this baby over at the Perot Museum.

It may look like a regular bus, but this first ever group virtual reality experience to Mars wants to inspire the next generation of explorers.

"The purpose of this is to get young people excited in science, technology, engineering and math careers,” said Joseph W. Stout, Director of Communications for Lockheed Martin.

And they were definitely excited!

"It was like, really good and I loved taking this trip on the screens and all that stuff,” said one student.

Once on the bus, the possibilities are endless!

"You’re transformed and you’re taken on a trip to Mars and this journey through Mars. You get to experience all of these amazing images. You get to drive by base camp and you actually feel like you are traveling across the planet Mars,” said Teresa Lenling, Interim Vice President of Learning and Engagement for the Perot Museum.

The magic bus is set to tour nationwide preparing students to walk on Mars and beyond. Who knows, the next brave soul to head into deep space exploration might just be sitting in today's classrooms.

Another student said, "I think it would be even cooler to look at it for real."

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