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Dear Mama… Emotional Video Tribute to Dak’s Mom

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DALLAS -- It's no secret, the Dallas Cowboys are relying on rookie quarterback Dak Prescott to help them #FinishTheFight.

And if you still doubt number four, this video that popped up on the team's Twitter account Friday morning just might  squash that.

"The greatest of a competitor rests on how much pressure one can take, while still performing at a high level," Dak says in the video.

It's a Dear Mama tribute that even Tupac would be proud of.

You see, Dak's strength comes from his late mother, Peggy, and the last message she left for him before she passed away in 2013.

"These words fight, finish and faith were her final commands she left for my brothers and I,” says Dak.

The emotional video's been viewed nearly five million times and counting. It has left fans in tears or ready to get out and fight, too.

Dak says, "The pain I’ve endured crawled in my heart and molded me into a competitor that I won’t back down from any fight."

Now the world knows what drives Dak to lead the Cowboys. And to be honest , who can compete with that?!

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