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Video Games Instead Of Football Games This Weekend For Cole Beasley

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FRISCO, TX — The best part of being the best in the NFC is a weekend off for the Dallas Cowboys. Skipping a game and taking a few days to rest and recharge can really give a team the upper-hand.

Eight of the last ten teams to make the Super Bowl had the bye week to start the playoffs.

So what do the Boys have planned for their weekend without a game? Well with their opponent still yet to be determined, the answer is pretty clear for most the guys:

“I mean everyone is just gonna rest, we’re gonna watch that football and get ready for next week,” said Ezekiel Elliott.

“I think I’ll watch the games this weekend casually a little bit and kind of look at what’s going on,” said Sean Lee. “But as soon as I have a chance to know who we’re playing I’ll be in here getting ready to go.”

“Anytime football’s on I’m gonna watch it,” Dak Prescott told reporters.

So yeah, a lot of football watching and early scouting, except for Cole Beasley. The receiver says he won’t be watching a second of football this weekend.

“I don’t really have an interest in watching it,” Beasley said. “I get enough football here where I kind of get home and get a little break from it and then I’m refreshed when I come back.”

So what’s going on in the Beasley house this weekend?

“I’ll be playing with my son and then when he goes to sleep I’ll play video games,” said Beasley. “Some Gears of War or maybe Need For Speed. No football games!”

Well hey, everybody’s got a different game plan, and this year Beasley led Dallas in catches and receiving yards. So as long as he’s balling out and bringing “the sauce” on the field, who cares if he’s watching other guys play?

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