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Why Europe’s New Work Benefits Are #CareerGoals

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EUROPE-- There's an old myth out there claiming the French are lazy. But, a new law just might make that true. The French have now been granted the "right to disconnect." This means companies with more than 50 employees can set hours when staff is not supposed to send or answer emails.

Lawmakers say using your smartphone or laptop after hours for work related things all contribute to "worker burnout."

Wonder if the U.S. will soon do as the French do. If not, can we at least follow Finlands new "social experiment?"

They've just become the first country in Europe to pay the unemployed! 2,000 jobless citizens will get a guaranteed monthly income of $587. Which is a lot considering're not working!

The country hopes this will reduce poverty and ultimately boost employment. If it works, they could expand benefits to all citizens.

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