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Classic TV Kids Show ‘Wonderama’ is back–and on CW33!

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DALLAS--We all have our childhood TV memories.

For kids in North Texas, it was shows like "Slam Bang Theater" and "Mister Peppermint."

Around the country, there was Captain Kangaroo, Mister Rogers, and if you go way back, the Mickey Mouse Club.

And in a few cities, there was a thing called "Wonderama."

It had everything: music, celebrities, prizes, and the infamous Snake in a Can.

It was educational and entertaining.

Now, Wonderama is making a comeback.

This time it has a new host: David Osmond. He`s Donny and Marie`s nephew.

"Marie gave me some great advice," Osmond told NewsFix. "She said 'David, as a host, when you're talking to the camera, just remember, there's one person on the site of that camera. Speak to them directly.'"

He`s gotta play to the boomers who remember the old show and win over the millennials.

"I think to appeal to able to appeal to all audiences, to the parents *and* the kids, we stay true to the format that existed in the original show," Osmond said. "That is that variety aspect, to bring on the top celebrities of the day; musical guests; fun; informative segments."

This time folks in the DF-dub will get to see the show!

Wonderama with David Osmond premieres this Saturday at 1 on CW33.

Spoiler alert: Keep an eye out for the snake in a can!

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