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Ruff Life: Gisele’s Model Life Has Been No Catwalk

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DALLAS -- Being a model has a lot to do with the skin and the hair. Poor Gisele started out with neither.

"When we first got her from Dallas Animal Services, she had no hair on her body," said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman. "Her body was full of scabs because she was suffering from a really terrible case of mange."

Lean and lanky weren't appropriate ways to describe this little lady. She was like a rail, and her skin deep problem threatened her health and her future.

"Her ears were all scabbed over, and her face and body just had crust and flakes," Edman said.

Then she got put on the clock.

"Dallas Animal Services got really full, and that made Gisele especially a little more urgent because of the condition she was in," Edman said.

A Dallas Pets Alive! foster stepped up, and Gisele's transformation began, starting with getting that name.

"She has these long legs, and that's why she's named after the model, Gisele," Edman said.

She's still working on all her model traits.

"She sports the cutest t-shirts right now until all her hair comes back in," Edman said.

And this one's got brains and beauty!

"She can learn a trick in any second," Edman said. "She knows how to sit. She loves to play fetch."

And she loves all people and dogs. You'll want to take a chance on this up-and-comer. She's been ready for your runway.

If you think you could help out a dog or cat at Dallas Pets Alive! through adoption or fostering, check out their website.

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