Hot Felon: The Original #PrisonBae is Living the Good Life!

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LOS ANGELES -- R&B singer Trey Songz tried to become the newest #PrisonBae with this mug shot that had the ladies going crazy.


But there can only be one hottest felon of them all! And Jeremy Meeks is reclaiming his throne.

Jeremy Meeks

He's back in the big house, but not THAT big house. Check out his new crib with his $150,000 Maserati parked out front.

It's a new year and new life for the hot felon, who just celebrated his first holiday home with the wife and kids.

The former gang member from California was arrested two years ago on weapon charges. His seductive mugshot had women begging to be locked up with him and modeling agencies lined up around his cell door.

Meeks was released in March and has been living the good life!

Thanks to Instagram and Twitter, his followers are getting a behind the scenes look at his new modeling career which isn’t doing too bad.

Guess crime really does pay, if you're a smooth criminal.

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