Ballin’! Ice Cube Starting His Own Professional Basketball League

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LOS ANGELES -- Wish you could see iconic NBA legends grace the court again?

And no, we don't mean another Space Jam. We're talking a 3-on-3, half-court, summer basketball league. Making it even sweeter is the genius behind this project -- Ice Cube.

Yep, according to an NBA insider, the West Coast legend and his business partner are giving retired NBA players and coaches a few seconds back on the shot clock for another chance at glory.

Cube says he got tired of seeing his fav NBA players retire and never step foot on the court again. So, he's already recruited Jason Williams, Rashard Lewis and Supersonics star, Gary Payton.

No word on Jordan, Kobe or even Iverson.

Now, there won't be five games a week or anything like that. It will be just a couple of pros playing three on three and touring around the world.

The big question now -- will Cube lace up?