How To Avoid The NYE Hangover

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DALLAS -- The year is coming to an end and before the ball drops, many folks will be partying like there is no tomorrow. But the other side of the party is the hangover.

“Obviously with the end of the year, with a new year celebration there are a couple of things you can do to still celebrate it and have fun but not pay the price the next morning,” Dr. Pablo Zeballos told Newsfix.

Anyone who has hit the bottle a little too hard can tell you hangovers are no fun. You feel dizzy, tired, light headed, often you’ll start sweating and could lead to headaches and a faster heart rate.

“So the biggest thing that happens with a hangover is by morning time the alcohol is broken down, and so by then alcohol is a diarrhetic, so all the water is out of your system and basically you`re dehydrated”

Dr. Pablo Zeballos says there are some things you need to know before you drink to avoid the headache.

“If you’re going to have a glass of wine or beer, go ahead and take one drink an hour. You take one drink an hour it will slow down your metabolism. Also, drink plenty of fluids, drink water in between. Eating a healthy meal before drinking can actually slow down all the alcohol break down.”

So the secret to avoiding the backlash of the bottle is to pace yourselves, drink plenty of water, and eat something before hand. Oh, and don’t forget to drink responsibly. Because 2017 will be a lot better if you live to see it.