33 Best DC Superhero Scenes of 2016

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The DC universe has been filled with adventure and plenty of action this year! From the indestructible Supergirl to The Flash’s unmatched speed, here’s 33 of the best scenes you shouldn’t have missed this year on The CW!

1) Legends vs JSA

2) The Flash vs The Rival

3) Supergirl vs Chet Miner

4) The Flash & Supergirl vs Cyber Woman

5) Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Atom, Citizen Steel and Firestorm vs Dominators

6) Green Arrow vs Vigilante

7) Legends vs Pilgrim

8) The Flash vs Mirror Master

9) Green Arrow vs Prometheus

10) Superman and Supergirl vs Metallo

11) Legends vs Reverse Flash

12) The Flash vs Zoom

13) Lena Luther’s Ceremony Attack

14) The Atom vs Leviathan

15) Green Arrow vs Tobias Church

16) The Flash vs Alchemy & Savitar

17) Artemis’ Betrayal

18) Supergirl, Mon-El & Guardian vs Parasite

19) Legends vs Damien Darhk

20) Legends at the Auction

21) The Flash vs Supergirl

22) Green Arrow, Atom, The Flash and Sara vs Agents

23) Citizen Steel’s Transformation

24) Legends & JSA vs Blockbuster Bar Super Soldier

25) Team Arrow vs Derrick Sampson

26) The Flash vs The Flash

27) Legends vs Hunters

28) The Flash vs The Turtle

29) Team Arrow vs Demolition Team

30) The Flash vs King Shark

31) Alien Fight Club

32) Legends vs Space Pirates

33) Superman & Supergirl