Sweet Revenge: US Sanctions Russia Over Election Hacking

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Whoever came up with the phrase revenge is sweet wasn't lying.

And the White House can attest to that. Thursday, the Nation’s capital announced sanctions against Russia. This all stems from those allegations that Russia hacked the u-s to try and influence the Presidential election.

So what exactly does this mean? 35 diplomats must leave the U.S. in the next 72 hours.

Naturally, Russia doesn't plan on going down easy. They're already vowing to retaliate. The Russian embassy in the UK took to twitter voice their opinion on the matter, calling it "Lame."

Call it what you want, but one thing's for certain – tamper with the U.S. and you will be exposed. Now, we just have to see how things unfold when Trump takes office.

"We can try to have a better relationship with Russia,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger said. “But we also have to defend ourselves. We have to defend the integrity of our voting systems. We have to defend our role in the world."

Looks like things could get cold.

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