One Year Later: A Look Back at the 2015 North Texas Tornado Outbreak

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GARLAND, TX -- Crumpled wrapping paper and gift bags all over the floor like confetti , usually nothing more than a sign that Christmas came and went. Exactly what the day after Christmas is supposed to look like, right?

But for North Texas residents, the day after Christmas brings back some memories that have nothing to do with Santa.

One year ago today, a dozen tornadoes swept through North Texas. The strong winds wiped cars off the roads with ease and it was the strongest wind storm recorded in Dallas County.

For those who actually went through it, attending Monday's remembrance was no easy task.

"This is to remember that event, the people that lost their lives not very far from where we are right this very moment and the hundreds of homes and businesses hit by the tornado. So many people were displaced,” says Mayor of Garland, Douglas Athas.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel or in this case, a tornado and the destruction it left behind.

Garland resident, Natasha Briggs says, "It was difficult because this is the actual passageway that the storm happened; we haven't been back since everything happened.

But the same attitude that got them through the past year will also get them through the next.

Athas says, "We’re also looking back at how far we've come in a year. I’m actually very pleased at the success we've had."

"I’m just grateful for what the city is doing and how they've just been here for us and so just knowing that we have that support it just kind of gives me peace,” said Briggs.