Items Moving Both Ways on Second-Busiest Shopping Day of the Year

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DALLAS -- The day after Christmas is the second-biggest shopping day in America, behind only Black Friday.

Hey, it makes sense; you have the day off from work, a few gift cards to spend, and a little crowd never hurt anybody, right? Of course, it's also a good day to take those gifts you might not want, and, you know, get a little refund instead.

Turns out, some gifts are more likely to end up back where they came from than others.  And it's not always because they're crappy. Things like clothes, for example, are one of the most popular things to return, mainly because they don't fit right.  Either in size or in fashion.

Same goes for decorations.  It's always risky trying to redecorate someone else's house.

So, next time around, how do you make sure your gifts will stick?

Well, it seems like if you can eat it, you're less likely to return it.  So, baked goods and other food items don't get returned as much.

Same with experiential gifts like tickets to a game, or to a museum...

But maybe the safest gift of all is the classic cash or gift card.  At least that way if they end up at the store on the 26th, it's to enjoy your gift, not to return it.