“Family Is Our Customers”: Dallas Bar Serves up Holiday Spirits All Day on Christmas

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DALLAS -- Most businesses on "Lowest Greenville" were closed during the day on this Christmas Sunday, so their workers could celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

But the folks at the Libertine Bar say they couldn't have that celebration unless they were open.

"We're a neighborhood pub; family is our customers," said Simon McDonald, the Libertine's owner.  "We're open every day of the year."

"The word 'pub' comes from the word 'public house'," he pointed out.  "Which is friends, family, getting together, having a drink, having a meal together, that's what it's all about."

Hey, what could be more Christmas than that!  That's why the Libertine opened its doors to offer Christmas spirit - and Christmas spirits - all day long.

"Christmas night is always a historically huge busy night in bars and restaurants anyway," said McDonald.  "Most places open later, today we just decided to open earlier."

It's no wonder Christmas is a busy night for drinking. Who doesn't need to unwind a little after a long day of holiday cheer?

And, of course, the holidays can be a rough time for some of us.

But if you think folks are only hittin' the bars on Christmas to drown their sorrows, you might want to think again.

"No!" McDonald said with a laugh.  "It's happy!  You know, it's the holidays."


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