Was the Fort Worth Cop Really Out of Line in That Viral Video?

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FORT WORTH -- The arrest of Jacqueline Craig has sparked outrage on social media and coverage on national media.

Craig said on CNN Friday morning: "He made me feel less of a mother, not able to protect my kids."

A GoFundMe campaign has raised over $1,600 to help the family out.

And while Fort Worth PD says they're investigating the incident internally to decide if the officer acted inappropriately, lots of folks have already made up their minds.

"An officer's job - their training tells them, 'Hey, it's time to come in and de-escalate the situation,'" said Lee Merritt, Craig's attorney. "She's upset and expressing it in a very sort of subdued way and he escalates the situation."

We asked Dr. Alex del Carmen, a police training expert who's trained thousands of officers in his 20-year career, to weigh in.

"If the video is really what really happened," del Carmen told NewsFix, "There are no circumstances at all where that officer should have escalated it to that level.

"You see that the officer already showed up with a preconceived notion of who the offender was going to be, and that is where the racism aspect of it kicks in."

But, of course, it's important not to jump to conclusions, on either side.  And that's why the Internal Affairs investigators will take their time.

"They're going to review the officer's past, they're going to review the officer's background," del Carmen said.  "All of those things are going to be, I'm sure, very useful tools for that Internal Affairs investigation as they go through it.  It doesn't happen quickly.  This is going to be six months down the road, maybe a year down the road, they're going to bring it up to the chief of police, with a recommendation."

Yeah, sounds like the IA office at FWPD has a lot to think about.

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