Ebola Vaccine Thought to Give 100% Protection

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LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM -- It's a major victory in the fight against Ebola, and it might actually be a fatal blow for the virus. That's because an experimental vaccine was found to be 100% effective, according to the medical journal - The Lancet.

The vaccine was given to over 5,000 people in Guinea who were in close contact with patients who had the disease, and none of them ever got Ebola.

It was in September of 2014 that Ebola made landfall in Dallas after devastating West Africa, killing more than 11,000 people. In Dallas, Thomas Eric Duncan was the one who unknowingly brought the deadly disease onto the plane as a carry-on. He eventually passed away, but not before passing along the disease to a couple of the nurses that tried to treat him at the hospital.

The two nurses ended up getting treated and ultimately surviving. But that wasn't the end of the story for Ebola in North Texas. Eventually, 177 people in the Dallas area fell under some sort of quarantine before finally getting the all clear.

Back to the present - more than two years later - uttering the word "Ebola" still freaks people out! But hopefully news of a successful vaccine subsides that fear on the off chance that there's another outbreak - in another U.S. city.

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