Dallas Aquarium Uses Eels To Light Up Their Christmas Tree

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DALLAS -- When it comes to decking the yard with a light show it can cost you an upward $800 dollars for one month. But  The Children's Aquarium at Fair Park are using eels to light up their holidays and most importantly save some dough!

"We have these sensors in the water that pick up the electric pulses," explained Manager Stephen Walker.  "The electric eels put out and that triggers the lights on a Christmas tree!"

This is the kind of science project that's got all the kids shocked. So the aquarium is hoping to educate while sparking some holiday cheer at the same time.

"We have signage on the display that talks about how the eels put out electricity," Walker added.

As for the parents wanting to buy an eel for their next tree lighting, Walker says you'll have to buy a pretty big tank for the large animals.

"They put up about 500 volts and a fully grown [eel] is about 1,000 volts."