Nearly 4 out of 10 Young Adults Live with Parents

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Just when you parents thought it was safe to live in peace, child-free.

Just when you thought you could turn your kid's bedroom into a sewing room, or a yoga room, or a mancave.

Young adults are going back to live with their parents. In droves*.

A study by the real estate company Trulia found that nearly 40% of young adults are living with their family.

That's four out of ten. And the largest share since 1940!

The study focused on young adults up to age 24. The "return to nest-ers" have been growing every year since 2005.

Millennials are waiting 'til later in life to do things like getting married and having kids.

The study also says rent's too high and it's too hard these days to get a mortgage.

Yeah, we know what happens when people are allowed to get mortgages when they shouldn't.

So here's hoping all these young adults can save a lot of dough while living with mom and dad.

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