Hugs Cafe Gives Jobs to Those who Normally Have Hard Time Finding Work

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MCKINNEY -  Christmas is the time for giving. But one McKinney restaurant gives back all year round. Hugs Cafe is a non-profit restaurant that hires special needs adults. The owner, Ruth Thompson, mashed two of her passions together: working with special needs adults and cooking.

“80% of those on our payroll are adults with special needs," said Thompson. She also says her crew isn’t looking for a handout, they want to be hands on.

“They know how to make the cookies, they know how to make the chicken salad," Thompson says. "And it’s pretty darn good too.”

Not only does her special needs crew always show up for work, but Hugs Cafe never loses employees. "We have no turnover, we have 100% retainment." said Thompson.

And from the looks of the crowd at lunch, McKinney customers are all in. After more than a year in business, the founder says instead of relying on donations to make payroll, they are paying bills out of their own monthly earnings.

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