Delta Airlines Lands In Hot Water After Allegedly Kicking Man Off Plane For Speaking Arabic

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LONDON -- Whether it's dealing with TSA or experiencing extra baggage--  joining the flight club isn't as easy as it use to be. And it all went down when a guy and his friend was kicked off a Delta flight.

Check out the viral video he posted on Twitter.

If the guy talking in the video looks familiar, it's because he's YouTube star Adam Saleh. He's known for his Arabs On A Plane vlogs. So, it was only a matter of time before his video went viral.

In the video Saleh says "Delta Airlines is kicking us out cause we spoke a different language."

Delta released a statement saying they removed Saleh and his friend because more than 20 customers expressed their discomfort. In Saleh's video, you can see and hear customers waving goodbye to Saleh as he is escorted off the plane.

In a series of Tweets Saleh says he was simply talking on the phone with his mom in Arabic before the drama took off! Something else is also taking off. More passengers on that flight are starting to dispute that he was even talking to his mom. By the way, speaking Arabic on a plane is something he's done before in at least one of his videos.

So is this just another dare gone terribly wrong or will Delta land in hot water over this one?!

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