The Must-Have Present This Week That May Be Hard To Get

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DALLAS - It’s not Black Friday the lines were just as long - or longer - on Tuesday at many of the Best Buy stores in North Texas.

“I got out here at 4 am and there was already a line of 30 people up in front of me," said one shopper.

About 50 people were all trying to get their mitts on a Nintendo NES classic gaming console. The NES machine is the hottest thing for the must-have shopper before Christmas

Just last week it was Hatchimals that were all the rage. The week before, NewsFix told you about Fuzzy Wonderz becoming so popular it was leaving parents like Heather McCandless wondering if she’d ever get hers.

“I feel bad for all the parents that have ordered them," said McCandless.

Fuzzy Wonderz contacted Newsfix and said all their backorders are expected to ship out before Christmas. As for the Nintendo, you may be out of luck until after Christmas. But hey,  you waited this long (like a few decades, right?), what's a few more days?

And besides, you have a great camping story to tell your kids. “That way when they’re bad I can say daddy waited out in freezing temperatures to get you this freaking Nintendo," said one unnamed shopper.

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