Burned & Bald?! Customers File Lawsuit Against L’Oréal After Hair Loss

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FRANCE -- For a lot of women, their hair can get ahead of more important things in life. So, that's why some L'Oréal customers are fighting back after experiencing more than a bad hair day.

Turns out the cosmetic company's line of "Soft-Sheen Carson Optimum Amla Relaxers" have reportedly left these women's scalps either partially bald, burned, or both.

Check out these cringe-worthy pictures.

Courtesy: TMZ

So, they've filed a lawsuit asking for more than $5 million,  and they're also pushing for L'Oréal to discontinue the relaxers.

Here's where the situation gets real hairy... or in this case hair-less.

Sources say L'Oréal is firing back, claiming their labels warn customers of these possible outcomes if used incorrectly.

But we had a few burning questions ourselves. So, we looked up some reviews online.

Turns out, a number of customers have parted ways with those L'Oréal products since 2013. They too claimed the product left them with extreme hair loss. One Amazon customer even says her hair came out in chunks after using the product.

Sounds like this suit may not be something L'Oreal will be able to just, uh, brush off!

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