Sir Earl’s Tunes: Music Legend Wants Old School to Meet New

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McKINNEY -- They don't make music like they used to, but if Sir Earl Toon has his way, that's about to change.

Even if you don't recognize Sir Earl's name, you've definitely heard his music.  Toon wrote and performed classic songs like "Celebration" and "Get Down On It" as a member of Kool & The Gang.

Now, he's trying to bring us some new music from an old friend and writing partner: the late, great songwriter Otis Blackwell.

Blackwell wrote a bunch of hit songs back in the day, including "Great Balls of Fire," but was most famous for his work with Elvis Presley.

"At a time when men of color and white men could not drink out of the same water fountain," said Toon, "He and Elvis was rocking the world.  It wasn't about color, it wasn't about status, it was about the music."

That sense of unity is what Toon hopes to capture in a batch of new songs written - but never recorded - by him and Blackwell.  He says it's time to come together and produce a new EP, as a tribute to his friend and mentor.

"Made today in today's feel, but old school meets new school," Sir Earl said. "It's gonna be another 'All Shook Up,' it's gonna be another 'Return To Sender,' it's gonna be another 'Celebration.'"

He just needs a little help getting the ball rolling, and that's where his Kickstarter campaign comes in.

"I am thanking anyone and everyone right now," Toon said, "Because we are going to be a team and do this, and do this together."

Hey, new music from Toon and Blackwell would definitely be cause for celebration, and we can't wait to get down on it.