Ruff Life: From All Alone to Happy Home for Ellie

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DALLAS -- Seven months ago, Dallas Pets Alive! went into overdrive.

"We actually pulled more than 80 animals that month alone from Dallas Animal Services," said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

Ellie was one of them.

"She was one of our more urgent cases because all of her puppies were adopted, and she just needed a second chance," Edman said.

The story is a familiar one. She was brought in with her seven puppies and a case of heartworm, but this little family was different. They put on a show at Dallas Animal Services.

"In the kennel, she and her puppies would just run amok," Edman laughed.

After the puppies were gone, life got a little more lonely for lovely Ellie. At least that was the case until the night Katie browsed the Dallas Pets Alive! adoption page.

"I just was kinda like, 'She`s kinda cute,' and on a whim filled out an application," Katie Herrian said. "From the moment I met her at the meet and greet, I was like, 'That's my dog!'"

Needless to say, it's going well so far.

"This is my first dog, and I'm completely spoiled because I've hit the dog jackpot," Herrian said.

We're talking no accidents, no chewing, and just a single paw-culiarity.

"She won't ever chew on any of my shoes, but she will sleep with them when I'm gone," Herrian said. "I'll come home, and she's like cuddled up next to a shoe."

This is Katie's first dog since childhood, and Ellie has changed her.

"I feel this overwhelming amount of gratitude to Dallas Pets Alive! and her foster mom," she said.

"I have a lot of friends and people that have met here who are like, 'Wow, I hope I can find one like her.' They're there. They might be hidden behind some sad eyes, but she completely looks different and is a changed dog since I brought her home, and I think I'm a changed person."

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