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Mumps On The Rise In North Texas

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DALLAS COUNTY -- The temps in North Texas are starting to feel like a wild ride. Cold to warm, and back to cold. Feels like a perfect storm for getting sick.

Dr. James Pinckney with Diamond Physicians says, “Bariatric temperature is changing. People have a lot of sinus issues, a lot of drainage. So we are seeing an influx.”

Doctor James says, the temps may swing, but you getting sick might have more to do with the ever-present threat of flu season.

“Now does the cold cause illness, no it does not, but cold temperatures can lower your immune system and lower the body’s ability to fight off infection.”

What makes this season stick out from those in the past is the uptick in mumps cases in North Texas. 48 cases of the illness have popped up in the last 2 weeks in Johnson County. A number that's way above average.

“What I think is happening is, parents aren’t  vaccinating their children and then once we get below a certain threshold, it`s called HERD immunity, so once we get below a certain population threshold of 92% then you start to see theses outbreaks of diseases  that we previously did not see.”

Luckily, the trick to keeping yourself healthy comes down to the basics!

“It’s all about diet, sleep, and exercise.” Dr. James told Newsfix.

Doctor's orders.

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