Live Life On An Island In Arlington

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ARLINGTON - If you’re in the market for your own island mansion, like some going for $10.9 million, you might have to go to Miami. But a new development is bringing an island to Arlington soon. Developer Robert Kembel, says, "The island is completely surrounded by water and open space; it’ll have it’s own park and trail network internal to the island.”

It’s called the Island at Viridian. This high end community is smack full of nature. “We’ve got pelicans, foxes, bobcats and coyotes, ducks and geese, so you live on this island, surrounded by all this water and you have this beautiful nature environment, but you’re only 10 minutes from the airport," said Kembel.

Kembel says only 25% of the homes are finished so far; they start building on the 38-acre island in 2017. He says they already have some interest from high profile athletes wanting to live life on the water. “There are certain representatives of those players who have reached out to us just because of the airport and the stadium. They want to know what's going on on the island," said Kembel.