Carrollton Pet Calendar Buys Animals A Few More Days Of A Wonderful Life

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CARROLLTON - You`ve probably heard of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders calendar, or the hunky firefighters calendar.  You may have also heard of the Mayan calendar. But now, the city of Carrollton is putting out one that rivals them all, at least when it comes to cuteness. It's their 2017 pet calendar.

It's only the second year Carrollton Animal Services has done this, but it's quickly become a hit. 150 people put up their pets in hopes they'd make it, but in the end only 12 made the final cut.

One of them is Jet, the September pet.  His owner didn`t even know her dog was in the running. "It was a huge surprise to Jet's owner. His grandparents went ahead and submitted a photo of him and it was a fun surprise for it's owner," said Carrollton marketing specialist Susan Prosoco.

The calendar cost $10 and goes to helping pets like Fluffy who lost most of his hair. "We don't have unlimited funding to support our sick and injured animals that come in. Without the support, those animals will be euthanized," said Carrollton Animal Services manager Carl Shooter.

But maybe a calendar can buy a pet a few more days towards the hope of a wonderful life.