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Mozart Tops Billboard Charts for 2016!

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NEW YORK, NY -- It’s no lie the music of 2016 has been off the charts. From Drake's Views to Adele's album 25 and Rihanna’s ANTI, we can definitely say this year brought in a lot of new tracks.

And how can we forget Mozart!  You know the incredible Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

Yeah, the dude is at the top of the Billboard charts when it comes to the amount of CDs sold in 2016 and he's been dead for more than two centuries!

Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition was just released a month ago and has already sold 1.25 million copies. But people weren't waiting in lines to get their hands on the new and improved set.

You see, the box has two hundred cd’s and since billboard goes by each cd; only 6,250 sets had to be sold for Mozart to rise to the top of the cd chart. Which begs the other question, who still buys CDs?

Well, I guess we now have an answer and Mozart is rocking it from the grave!

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