Fort Worth Teen Creates WWII Board Game For Fun And Learning

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FORT WORTH -- When you think of World War II, your first instinct is probably not to think of a board game. Fort Worth's Sean-Michael Pigéon is trying to change that with his new board game about a battle that you may not have heard of: The Battle Of France, 1940.

'The Battle of France 1940' is a turn-based historical strategy game that tries to take the concepts that were actually present in the Battle of France and try to translate them into a game [so you] can engage with them in a more real way," Sean-Michael says.

It's not just a board game where fun is the main goal in mind. There is an educational component that can be taken to schools and history classes to help engage students to help them understand the nuances of the battle. It also promotes critical thinking and strategic planning. You learn the historical events in which you can actually affect the outcome.

"When I was young I played games like RISK [and] Axis & Allies and they really piqued my interest in the actual history. I feel like this game could do the same for other people," Sean-Michael says.

A big part of the fun and hobby of the game, according to Sean-Michael, is painting the miniatures in historically-accurate colors. The pieces of the game come in blue, grey or black colors, but it's up to the player to customize their army, according to history.

If you want to learn more about "The Battle of France 1940" head over to their website where you can purchase the game or call 1-888-385-1241.