Fashion Fix: A Night for the Stars, Beauty Industry Awards & Gala

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DALLAS -- When you look at the cover or inside of a magazine, all you may really notice is a perfect and pretty picture. However, the real work almost always goes unnoticed.

But that all changed four years ago when Trish Hill created A Night for the Stars: Beauty Industry Awards & Gala.

"So many people think that when you're a hairstylist, 'Oh they just do hair or they just cut hair.' They don't give us the credit. But think about it, we do the doctors, the lawyers; we make everybody look good. So this is a night that we celebrate,” says event founder Trish Hill.

Adrienne Moore, Editor and Chief of Hype Hair said, "I am celebrating the fact that they are celebrating the image makers in our industry."

The event, held at The Old Red Museum, celebrated many legends in the beauty and fashion industry.

Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin said, "I’ve been working in this industry for over 10 years now and it feels like decade after decade after decade, we're always working behind the scenes. And of course, we always appreciate a good check and a good thank you. But for someone to say we appreciate you, your gift, and your talent; and for you to continue to study your talent and become a great talent, that's so honorable."

The gala also served as a way to give back to the community, with some of the proceeds going to the Where are you?  Outreach Center.

"The fact that Trish is willing to give to an organization is absolutely so important. These organizations, they need us, you know? That’s the only way that they thrive and survive. So I just think it makes it that much more special,” says K-104 radio personality Lady Jade.

A night filled with glitz, glam and giving; for those who work hard to make others feel beautiful. You could even say it was picture perfect!