Guy Walks Across The Country For No Reason

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SOUTHLAKE, TX — When you think of doing something for “no reason”, you might imagine watching some YouTube videos, making a sandwich, or going for a quick walk around the block.

But how about walking all the way across the country?

“I’m walking across America, I’m walking to San Francisco,” said Skyler Roberts. “I started about 4 months ago just outside of Toronto, Canada and I don’t really have a reason that I’m walking. I just like walking and I kind of want some adventure.”

Even though it started without a purpose, the trek has at least taught him a few things about the way people are.

“Pretty much everybody I’ve met has been really kind to me. It’s absolutely amazing,” said Sklyer. “I expected to have some bad experiences, but I just haven’t.”

So on his third pair of shoes, with months of walking still ahead, at least he’s found a lesson in it all. Which might just be that it’s worth getting out there even if you don’t have a reason.