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Friendly Rivals: Dez Bryant & Odell Beckham Jr. Share A Unique Bond

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Competitors on the field and buddies off of it. (Photo By: Tim Roberts)

Competitors on the field and buddies off of it. (Photo By: Tim Roberts)

FRISCO, TX — The Cowboys and the Giants is one of the fiercest rivalries in the NFL, but two of the best players in the matchup, Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham, don’t see themselves as rivals, but as best buds!

“That’s my big dog, man,” Dez said when asked about Beckham. “We have huge, huge respect for one another and… I want to see him perform, but I don’t want to see him perform good against us.”

Well both players have made a habit out of dominating each other’s teams, and they share a common bond at wide receiver: the ability to make unbelievable plays and the scrutiny they both face whenever their on the field antics get too heated.

“People don’t do a good enough job of finding out who we really are as people,” said Bryant. “I know him very well. The guy loves the game, he wants to win, it’s his whole attitude, and I feel like there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s kind of hard to understand something that you’ve never experienced and a lot of people never experience the things that he has.”

So Dez is Odell’s biggest defender off the field, and the Cowboys can only help they can defend him as well on it tonight. Like Dez said, they both just want to win, and a win tonight up in the Big Apple will give #88 and his squad the NFC East title. Not to mention some bragging rights between two football brothers.

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