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Donald Trump to Keep Side Gig as President

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NEW YORK, NY -- Side gigs are all the rage these days. You've got Uber promoting themselves as a part time job. Then there's Lyft, Favor, Doordash, and about a gazillion other things you can do to make some extra cash.

In fact, these part-time jobs are so popular - more and more politicians seem to be picking them up.

We told you about the U.S. Senator from Nebraska that picked up a shift or two as an Uber driver to get to know his constituents "better." Then there's the congressman from North Texas, Representative Marc Veasey, who did something similar only his was at a breakfast joint in Irving.

Well now - it looks like our next president will have a side gig! According to Variety, he's still gonna be an executive producer for the next season of "Celebrity Apprentice."

The production company for the show - MGM - will be paying him, but it's not clear how much each check will be.

The big issue, of course, is any potential conflicts of interest. With all sorts of information at the president's fingertips, insider trading would probably be the biggest potential conflict.

And if that happens we'll probably have to tell Mr. Trump he's "fired!"

But this just goes to show you that it's a bold new world out there, and most of us are just going along for the ride.

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