Class Act: From A Tough Past, Paula Hughes Blazes Her Own Future

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DALLAS — Even if you’re constantly moving, and not always surrounded by the best circumstances, Paula Hughes is an example that a Class Act is always striving to get better, no matter what.

Paula is a senior at Grady High, and she’s made a huge impact at the school even though she’s just been here six months, a byproduct of being a military kid, which has its pros.

“Being a military kid is fun because you get to experience people and new things every day, personalities,” Paula said. “But also the discipline, that’s the biggest thing. By the end of it, you’re very disciplined and you know the difference between right and wrong.”

But for a teen, there are also some cons.

“You also have to have the mindset for it because you’re going to be getting attached to people, having friends and then you move away from your friends and family and it changes,” she said.

Moving around, Paula didn’t always find herself in the best situations, but instead of letting the people around her bring her down, she used it as motivation.

“I had a very hard background and people coming from the background that I came from, you’re supposed to see them on the streets and stuff and doing the same thing that they were raised around,” Paula recounted. “Me on the other hand, I said no, I want to do better, I want to be better. So I joined ROTC, I got my leadership skills and everyday all I know is wake up with a smile, make people’s days cause you don’t know what they’re going through. Just keep pushing and get better every day.”

A ROTC leader, a top student, and a volunteer honored by the St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Paula hopes her story can push others to overcome their life’s obstacles, too

“I was like you at some point in time where I was poor and I struggled and you can be like me right now if you just push and keep doing better. Every day get better.”

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