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Chew on This: Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria

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IRVING – Fast casual. Create your own. These days many restaurants are leaving everything up to the customer. And Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria in Irving is no different. Except when it comes to the quality of the ingredients.

"We're using things like double zero flour, Caputo double zero flour,” Glenn Cybulski told Newsfix. Cybulski is the Co-Founder and Executive chef of Person Pizza.

“We actually have a kitchen in our restaurant. A lot of these fast casuals just open bags and pour in ingredients. We're making the pizzas like they're made in Italy."

Starting with the classics, like the Margherita pizza – with fresh basil. To the chicken chipotle, topped with chipotle dressing and fresh pico de gallo. For you BBQ and bacon lovers, there's the BBQ chicken bacon and ranch pizza. And you can all but guarantee perfection.

"Persona is the only nationwide franchising chain with that has an award winning chef and was founded by two chefs,” Cybulski said.

Chew on This: Glenn Cybulski is a World Pizza Champion!

"A very good friend of mine Tony Gemignani, along with Michael Shepherd, Sean Brauser, Joe Carlucci, all these people formed a group called the World Pizza Champions,” Cybulski told Newsfix. "Tony approached me in 2006 and said listen, you're a phenomenal chef, we'd love to have you on the team."

Award winning people making award winning pie? Yeah - Persona is certainly a place that lives up to the phrase ‘pizza is life!’

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