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Dallas High School Seniors March Their Way to a Hopeful Future

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DALLAS -- It was a big day in Dallas for the high school seniors in the class of 2017.

Students from Uplift Heights Preparatory High School joined students from around the country for the Nationwide College March.

"This event is kind of a symbolic representation of all of the work that our teachers, scholars, and families have put in over the past several years," said UHPHS Director Andrew Baca.

65 high school seniors -- the very first graduating class from Uplift Heights  -- braved the cold to cross Ronald Kirk Bridge together.

"This event is awesome," said senior David Ortiz. "We get to represent our school spirit, Uplift Heights Prep, and 2017!"

"We're the first graduating class so that makes it even more awesome," said Jasmin Alvarez, another senior.  "Just feels like yesterday I came to school and I was nervous, and I was like, 'oh lord, I'm a freshman, fresh meat!'"

But now, these scholars are showing the younger students that all that work pays off.

"There's close to a thousand scholars from fifth-through-eleventh grade here to cheer them on," said Baca, "And to kind of see the end of the journey that they're going to take."

And what could be a better symbol of high school ending than officially mailing off college applications?  That's exactly what these students crossed the bridge to do.

Wherever they end up, the kids from Uplift Heights are ready for new heights next year.

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