Simon Says: That Sausage Thing in the Vending Machine Could Get You Out of Debt

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DALLAS -- We have a vending machine here that’s always getting a lot of work. The candy and the chips seem to go fast, but I noticed something that hasn’t moved in long time -- that sausage thing next to the Kit Kats!

I’ve been staring at it for months, wondering why would anyone want that?

Those things also made me realize something just in time for the Christmas shopping season. There are a lot of choices out there, stuff we really don’t need! Yet for some reason, we buy it anyway.

We really are suckers for spending money we don’t have, for things we don’t need. Money  guru Dave Ramsey says, “It’s to impress people we don’t even like!”

Look in your closet, how many price tags are still on those shirts?

Research says people buy clothes based on some fantasy they have about themselves. Apparently, those fantasies literally stay in the closet!

Many of you will spend about a $1,000 this season on gifts.  Think about it, you’ll be buying things people may not even want.

Last year, a billion dollars in gift cards went unredeemed.

Buying,  buying,  buying ---when most of us should be selling!

The average personal credit  card debt is $15,675. Why not take that grand you’re spending on gifts and put it towards your debt.  That’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Call me a Scrooge, but this advice is a lot easier to digest than the inside of a sausage, dog, meat  thing.