#RelationshipGoals: Couple Contracts Are In & Marriage is Out!

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UNITED KINGDOM - Getting cold feet about tying the knot? Well, you're not alone. In fact, maybe you should consider a relationship contract.

Love doctors claim contractual agreements are what's keeping divorce rates down these days.

Here's how they work: the contract, which lasts a set number of years, tackles a few things including relationship goals and finances. Once the term of the contract ends, the couple decides if they want to ride it out even longer.

Now, before you go all Bonnie and Clyde, the average length of the contracts are usually 10 years! Apparently, dating experts seem to think it is more "realistic" to commit for a decade than a lifetime.

But we've all seen marriages fall apart in less than three years! Prime examples are Brangelina and the rumored KimYe!

Hey! Maybe Oprah convinced Stedman to sign a 10+ years contract.