3 Great Gadget Gifts For Grown Ups

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It's the time of year that you hear a lot about presents and a lot of it is directed at kids, but you can't forget about the grown ups in your life. Steve Greenberg, author of Gadget Nation, shows Hilary Kennedy some great gadgets that you may want to get for the adults in your life. Check out the video and see the full list of gadgets below.

Cord Buddy —  Turns any surface into an organized center for all your mobile gadgets and devices.  The small, portable device can be used at home, office or anywhere you go.  Cord Buddy is a “paper-weight” for charging cords.  This patented and innovative device uses magnets housed in a plastic decorative holder that snaps together to hold your charging cord in place.   The strong magnetic closure keeps your cord in place while the weighted base keeps your cord from falling to the floor or worse yet, behind your desk or nightstand!  Cord Buddy Retails for $8.95.  Cord Buddy Glow Retails for $19.95.  Cord Buddy can be purchased at The Container Store, TheGrommet, Amazon , and Houzz.com.   More info at www.CordBuddy.com.

TrackR — Similar to how we depend on our phones to remember phone numbers and important appointments for us, TrackR remembers where your stuff is so you can get on with the business of living, knowing you always have what’s important. By attaching a TrackR bravo device to all your valuables — keys, wallets, even pets — you are employing a little memory butler to keep track of all of your things. This not only frees up space and time for you to focus on more important things, but it also  gives you peace of mind knowing that your belongings will always be accounted for. With TrackR’s Crowd GPS network, TrackR customers also have the comfort of knowing that an item is never truly lost. Any time another TrackR user is within range of a lost item, the user will receive an update with the last known location of the missing item. TrackR also recently launched an Amazon Alexa integration that allows anyone with the TrackR app to locate a misplaced phone even if it is on silent mode. TrackR devices are available at www.TheTrackR.com and select retail outlets worldwide.

Navdy Head-Up Display — No more looking down at your phone while driving. Navdy has created the first driving device that projects information from your phone directly in your line of sight, on the road ahead. Navdy incorporates popular Head-Up Display (HUD) technology and its breakthrough user interface projects a transparent image on the road ahead, incorporates Hand Gestures to accept calls with the wave of your hand, a specially engineered Dial, and advanced software that lets you control your phone hands-free. With maps, calls, messages, notifications, music, and car information projected directly in front of you, you’ll never miss a turn or an important message again. For the first time, drivers can Look Forward© while Staying Connected©, and enjoy seamless integration of their phone into the driving experience. Starting on Black Friday, you can purchase Navdy for $35/month through Navdy’s 24-month 0% financing special or pay $799 today. Plus, it also comes with free shipping, and free same day delivery and installation in certain cities (NY, LA, SF, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Houston). www.navdy.com